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Channel for UNIQUE ENCODED clothing

We are unique and our vibration is a reflection of our soul.

For a few selected people, raising the energy on this planet makes sense!

We need to elevate our vibes with symbols, codes and very special colors, fabrics and patterns, made with love, wisdom and consciousness. This way,  we can connect more with our soul and be more aligned with the big human shift happening right now.

Do you want to hold sacred cosmos-vision, encoded wisdom and raise vibration throughout the world? 


Upon request and after a 1 to 1 session, Sophie will channel for you the special clothes you need to enhance your vibe in your daily life,  for a ceremony or to generate a life changing experience.

Each piece is made entirely by hand and represents countless hours of focused intention, design and  experienced craftswomanship. 

It is much more than clothing, it is about wearing and spreading ancient wisdom all around the world.  Aho!