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Sophie Hardy

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Medicine Woman



My whole life, I have been preparing myself for this BIG moment and to connect with you. HERE and NOW!

 I am a MAGICIAN from a wide lineage of Celtic medicine women, and a RESILIENT spirit. From nothing I rose up, stood up, and spread my wings to fly.

Thirty years ago, I came to Latin America, and my path made me learn ancestral wisdom from indigenous people and shamans, CONNECTING WITH THE SACRED, our Mother, the Gran Spirit, and the purpose of  my life.


This gave me the tools I'd like to share with you in order to help you transform your life. It is an honor for me to hold your spiritual journey and support you in the process of raising your vibration to get ready for the next level of humanity.  


Lita Lovestone

LITA LOVESTONE  is a textile artist living in Costa Rica.  She creates her intricate handwoven textiles on a floor loom using hand dyed natural yarns. 


Her approach to design is based on a technique called “code drafting”, in which a name or phrase is converted into a numeric code which then becomes the basis for the woven design.  In this complex design process, Lita creates a geometric pattern which holds the intention and energy of words like a secret message embedded into the weaving.   The pattern becomes a visual translation of the words.  Her work raises the vibration of a space with it's powerful energy and intention. 

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We are very proud to work with so many indigenous families in Central and South America bringing a better quality of life for all those medicine woman